Dr. H.M. 'Skip' Kingston

Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Duquesne University

SamplePrep Web

The Analytical Sample Preparation and Microwave Chemistry Center



The "Center" will provide a forum for information transfer and scientific interaction for researchers interested in sample preparation (SamplePrep WebTM)for trace analysis and microwave chemistry



The center will be comprised of a number of synergistic components all accessed through the internet.

World Wide Web Site

The purpose of the web and its content are fully described on the following referenced chapters in the new ACS Professional Reference Text on Microwave-Enhanced Chemistry.


Kingston, H. M. 'Skip' and Haswell, Steve, Eds., Microwave Enhanced Chemistry: Fundamentals, Sample Preparation, and Applications, ACS Professional Reference Book Series, American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 1997

Chalk, Stuart; McQullin, Kristen; Brown, J., Kingston, H. M. 'Skip', "SamplePrep Web: The Analytical Sample Preparation and Microwave Chemistry Research Center" Chapter 15, in Microwave Enhanced Chemistry: Fundamentals, Sample Preparation, and Applications, ACS Professional Reference Book Series, American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 1997.

The WWW site will be the hub for the whole Center. Researchers accessing the site will be asked to read an agreement stating that they will not use it for any unethical purpose. Researchers are encouraged to participate and post methods and microwave information from all over the world for the benefit of others starting, continuing or pursuing advanced methods applications. Postings will not be visible to other researchers until the administrators have checked them for accuracy and authenticity. SamplePrep WebTM was originally established in June of 1995. A new journal on SamplePrep WebTM will be associated with the web site in the future.

Microwave and sample preparation research teams oversee the organization of the information available on the WWW site and a technician deals with day-to-day operations. The site directs users to various parts of the site and the internet containing relevant information, i.e:-

Environmental method descriptions

Discussions of microwave enhanced chemistry

Standardization and automation of methods

Discussions of sample preparation techniques

Product information*

Scientific conference facility for microwave and sample preparation

Conference and short course news from around the world

Access to experts in the area of sample preparation (via email)

Access to on-line discussion of research ideas (via newsgroup)

*Although there will be product information available, corporations will not be permitted to sell through this site.

FTP site

We have space on www.sampleprep.duq.edu for the storage of information related to sample preparation and microwave chemistry as indicated above. Network backups and software updates will be maintained by the Kingston research group. Network connections will be maintained by the Center for Communications and Information Technology (CCIT) at Duquesne Unviersity. Contributions from all over the world will be added after they have been checked for viruses. The quality of technical information will be assured by a board of experts.



A Usenet newsgroup, sci.chem.microwave, will be set up and will be accessible by anyone from anywhere in the world. This will be moderated by the Kingston research group which will only allow a message to be posted if it is appropriate. Any questions posted regarding issues related to sample preparation and or microwave chemistry will either be directed to standard frequently asked question files (FAQ's) or the technical consultants of the site. The sci.chem.microwave group is in the process of being readied.


Email address

Researchers interested in SamplePrep WebTM, can contact the organizers at info@sampleprep.duq.edu to get information about the site.

Microwave Enhanced Chemistry Book

The upcoming microwave book edited by Dr. Kingston will contain a chapter detailing access to the Internet, applications for accessing the Internet, and details about the organization of the WWW site. Related software will not be necessarily included with the book, but will be available free on the Internet for users.


Where the Web fits in

The WWW site will only be part of a much larger effort to focus on environmental issues. On February 10, 1995 Duquesne University announced the creation of the Duquesne University Center for Environmental Research and Education. The new Center will be housed in a building to be erected at Campus location on Forbes Avenue. Another new science building to house state-of-the-art classrooms, teaching, and research laboratories is already under construction on Campus. This building will be the temporary site until the Research Building housing much of Dr. Kingston's research group will be completed.

The new Center will continue research and development in automated measuring devices for environmental purposes. "Currently, the costs of determining what is in the ground and the water is not only frightfully expensive, often running into the millions of dollars, but very time consuming with results that are often controversial," said Dr. John E. Murray, President of the University. "The Center will develop analytical methods that will cut the costs, complete the analyses within days or hours rather than months and improve the accuracy of results. Many of these new developments are possible due to developments based on analytical innovations of Professor Kingston and contributions from the School of Natural and Environmental Science.



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