The advent of microwave sample preparation has brought a new dimension to analytical methodology.
However, it is very important to bring this technology to the
laboratory incorporating as many safety features as possible.
Here are just a few of things you need to think about when using microwave radiation.

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The safety of practitioners of microwave enhanced chemistry is of great concern to the authors and contributors of this site. To that end an entire chapter of the new ACS Professional Reference Text has been placed on the web. It will appear as soon as the book is published. In addition to the general safety information about microwave chemical safety, each of the case studies of accidents that exemplify potential problems have been captured into 17 case studies. The chapter has been written to permit its expansion so that safety information will not go out of date and it will permit the continuous addition of new safety situations that may arrise and their solutions.


Kingston, H. M. 'Skip'; Walter, P.J.; Engelhart, Gary W.; Parsons, Patrick J. "Chemical Laboratory Microwave Safety" Chapter 16, in Microwave Enhanced Chemistry: Fundamentals, Sample Preparation, and Applications, ACS Professional Reference Book Series, American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 1997.

To report safety problems and request solutions please e-mail us . Please provide as detailed information about any safety problems with microwave laboratory equipment and situations as you can to permit a panel of world wide experts to evaluate and respond to your inquiry. The response will be in two forms. First if it is seen as significant and potential that others may have a similar need, a new case study will be created and posted here. If it is individual and uncommon then a specific reply may be returned to the individual sender or organization submitting the problem.

Please indicate if your name and location can be identified or if your identity is requested to be kept confidential by the SamplePrep Web research staff.

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