Table 2-2 Microwave Sample Preparation Review Articles

Subject Number of Papers Cited Language Reference
Review and discussion on the microwave ashing technique for the determination of minerals in food. 2 English (B1)
Review and discussion on the advantages of microwave compared to conventional sample preparation methods. 17 German (B2)
Review of the use of microwave digestions for environmental analysis in atomic spectrometry 997 English (B3)
Review on the fundamentals of microwave-oven digestion, of modifications necessary for laboratory use particularly in flow-injection analysis. 41 English (B4)
Review and comparison of methods for the digestion of fat rich foods. 9 English (B5)
Review and optimization of variables in microwave digestions. 8 English (B6)
Review of the use of microwaves in sample preparation for analysis by atomic spectrometry. 6 English (B7)
Review of acid pressure decomposition for trace analysis. 61 English (B8)
Review of microwave techniques in sample dissolution, moisture determination, AES and chromatography. 69 Chinese (B9)
Review of the application of microwave to the digestion of geological and metallurgical samples. 47 Chinese (B10)
Review of leaching procedures and their application to standard reference materials. 25 English (B11)
Review on the use of microwave ovens to aid acid digestion of samples for analysis. 28 English (B12)
General review of microwave acid decomposition until 1988 45 English (B13)
Review of mechanized methods of sample decomposition for trace analysis. 17, 30 English (B14, 15)
Review of microwave-generating apparatus, acids and containers, and applications to tissue samples, plant samples, ore samples and alloy samples. 25 Japanese (B16)
Review of critical parameters in microwave digestion procedures. 32 English (B17)
Review of microwave sample preparation for inorganic elemental analysis. 54 Russian (B18)
Review of the principles and instrumentation of microwave sample preparation. 6 German (B19)
Review and discussion of equipment used for microwave digestion and the application of the method to a variety of matrices. 181 English (B20)
Review of the analysis of biological and geological samples using microwave digestion. 21 Chinese (B21)
Review of high pressure closed vessel microwave digestions. 1 English (B22)
Review of the area of sample preparation. 40 English (B23)
Review of microwave sample preparation for atomic spectrometry. 14 English (B24)
Review of microwave sample dissolution and decomposition for elemental analysis. (with tables) 72 English (B25)
Review of gas phase digestions including the use of microwave irradiation. 49 English (B26)
Review of the Kjeldahl nitrogen method and the application of microwave techniques. 19 English (B27)
Review of the application of microwave sample preparation to improved speciation analysis. 11 English (B28)
Review of the mechanism of microwave heating, the interactions of microwaves with materials, commercial microwave sources and their application to mineralization and to protein hydrolysis. 54 French (B29)
Review and comparison of five different sample decomposition procedures. 13 English (B30)
Review of procedures for trace analysis. 59 English (B31)
Review of general applications of microwave heating in analytical chemistry and in sample decomposition. 38 Chinese (B32)
Review of microwave dissolution procedures for inorganic analysis. 9 English (B33)


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