Table 2-18: Hydrogen Peroxide

Volatile in H2O2

Volatile in H2O2 & Cl-

Catalyzes Reactions

As (R1)

As (R1)

CrO4-2 (R1)

Ge (R1)

Ge (R1)

Cu(II) (R1)

Hg (R1)

Se (R1)

Fe(III) (R1)

Ru (R1)


MnO2 (R1)

Se (R1)


MoO4-2 (R1)


VO4-3 (R1)


WO4-2 (R1)


R1 Bock, R. A Handbook of Decomposition Methods in Analytical Chemistry, 1st ed.; John Wiley and Sons: New York, 1979.