The following pages are comprised of over 180 files and images that are a compilation of acid chemistry that is necessary for acid decomposition sample preparation. While it is important for classical method and was in its majority derived from classical method it is useful in the newer microwave acid closed and open decompositions. These data and graphics have utility for environmental, industrial, medical and analytical applications of all types. They are in the highest information density currently available and are reminiscent of data compiled during the manhattan project.

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The site is constructed to be continually expanded and improved. Recommendations and contributions to the database from scholarly acid chemistry literature will be integrated and acknowledged. Please submit scholarly and preferably peer reviewed data and references for inclusion and expansion. If the reference is in a language other than English please send a copy of the paper or a translation with the copy.

This data was originally compiled by Dr. Peter J. Walter as part of his doctoral dissertation. The goal is to provide chemists throughout the world with a key reference source. The vision was shared by Professor Skip Kingston and the datašs sponsor, Milestone Corporation, one of the leading world producers of high quality laboratory microwave equipment. The primary reference for these acid chemistry data may be found in chapter 2 of the ACS Professional Reference Book: Walter, Peter J.; Chalk, Stuart; Kingston, H. M. 'Skip', "A Review of Overview of Microwave Assisted Sample Preparation", Chapter 2, in Microwave Enhanced Chemistry: Fundamentals, Sample Preparation, and Applications, American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 1997.

Many other people have also contributed to the format, software approach, production and publication of this references material. A complete list of previous and future contributors can be viewed by clicking on contributors

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